• Advancing technology

    We bring advanced technology to distribution centers and provide advanced services that improve center productivity. The importance of mechanization and labor saving measures for logistics centers can not be understated, and so we continue to push the boundaries of the development and introduction of optimal solutions. With Robot as a Service or Raas, we promote labor saving solutions and standardization by constructing the best solutions for real world challenges and achieving transparency in warehouse operations.
  • Optimizing Distribution

    Logistical solutions
    Our logistical solutions specialize in the optimizing of distribution warehouse management functions and operations With a total grasp on ways to better the overall distribution process, from when an item enters a warehouse, how it is stored, to when it is divided and then leaves the warehouse, we are able to pinpoint and provide a surgical solution to a specific challenge.
  • Better Human Resource

    Human Resource Solutions
    Our human resource solutions promote better management of personnel in the warehouse, and within the service area, we specialize in worker dispatch, personnel recruiting as well as training programs that are compliant with regulations. Moreover, through total cooperation with businesses and leveraging AI, our solutions are able to automatically generate staff shifts, allowing us to achieve standardization within management operations that traditionally have been overly reliant on manual efforts. Finally, we can introduce technology leveraged solutions that are aimed at human resource processes.

Our Mission

  • Craftsmanship

    Keeping up with the daily grind while maintaining the passion to go on isn’t easy. But we are certain that our efforts will create a new set of values, which in turn can help us change society for the better. development team we are able to
  • Trust and relationships

    As people in the field of logistics, we understand that our market serves to connect people. Society is based on connection, or valuing the person next to us. So we understand that building a platform that supports a society that is better for all requires an open mind.
  • Taking the plunge

    Taking the plunge has reaped us a wealth of benefits, such as higher productivity and better quality of work. To continue helping others, we understand that solving challenges in a smarter way means we must embrace humility and keep our minds open.


Creating the future of logistics

Our goal goes beyond simply selling hardware and distribution technology. Rather it is our wish to build and develop the very best customized solutions, solutions that are tailor made for each and every situation, which can radically change your productivity. Through the incorporation of robotics, artificial intelligence, and IoTs, we leverage big data to build warehouse platforms that continue to increase social productivity.

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About PAL

Since our inception 17 years ago, we at PAL have had the singular goal of bringing out the best productivity possible in the realm of logistics, all while reducing associated costs. Our deep experience is rooted in our many years of knowledge accumulated implementing logistics system, creating IT solutions for management tools and the like.
Now, based on this solid bedrock of knowledge, we are poised to introduce a new age in logistics platforms – platforms based on “Warehouses leveraging artificial intelligence and IoT” and “Work processes created through a synergy of robotics and people.”

By bringing labor saving measures that push the envelope combined with best-in-class efficiency, we are bringing a dramatic change to productivity in the traditionally labor intensive logistics arena of Japan.

PAL is set to guide Japan into the new age of logistics

Corporate Information

Company Name
73,500,000 JPY
Tsuji Yugo
Tokyo HQ
Tokyo, Minato-ku, Shinbashi 5-8-11 Shinbashi enter Building 2F
TEL : +81-3-5733-2655

Osaka Prefecture 1-4-26 Shinmachi Nishi-ku,
Osaka-shi Nikke Yotsubashi Building 2F
TEL: +81-6-6534-8998
Full-time Employees - 90
Group Companies
Arista Solution Inc. (System integrations)