About us

Since our inception 16 years ago, we at PAL have had the singular goal of bringing out the best productivity possible in the realm of logistics, all while reducing associated costs. Our deep experience is rooted in our many years of knowledge accumulated implementing logistics system, creating IT solutions for management tools and the like.
Now, based on this solid bedrock of knowledge, we are poised to introduce a new age in logistics platforms – platforms based on “Warehouses leveraging artificial intelligence and IoT” and “Work processes created through a synergy of robotics and people.”

By bringing labor saving measures that push the envelope combined with best-in-class efficiency, we are bringing a dramatic change to productivity in the traditionally labor intensive logistics arena of Japan.

PAL is set to guide Japan into the new age of logistics


  • Logistics Operations
    (3PL Business)

    We are a group of logistics professionals with a wealth of experience in IT systems, specializing in warehouse based operations for logistics centers.
    From stocking, inspection, storage, shipment processing, to picking,
    we design and operate business processes that provide the best solution amidst fluctuating customer demands. With our in-house development team we are able to develop, link and customize WMS that are the best fit for our clients. Our desire to provide the very best extends to operations, where we manage daily statistics, adjust shifts, and propose actionable areas of improvement that result in high revenue and productivity.
  • Automation through

    Robotics are the future, and we implement the latest automation technologies and logistics systems in the labor intensive logistic arena, combined with design, installation and operation of machinery to ensure the most effective use of technologies. This results in not only reduced logistic costs, higher productivity and better, more stable product quality, but also produces sustained lower human resource costs by eliminating fluctuations that occur due to changes in human resources. Finally, the use of artificial intelligence in warehouse operations has opened a whole new world of opportunities, one which we actively embrace in our mission to grow the very best solutions for our clients.
  • eCommerce/Mail order

    Our services extend beyond the usual fulfillment and agency shipping services offered. We provide a special line of services including designing automated logistics warehouses and cardboard storage shelves. With support for a complete range of temperatures (chilled,frozen, constant temp, room temp), and additional services including DM shipping and giftwrapping, our solutions are designed to provide total coverage for eCommerce/mail order center construction, providing a one-stop source of support for our customers.

Automation performance

Operation of automated packing equipment for eCommerce/mail order: The client decided to embrace the business philosophy expressed by 3PL, allowing us to manage purchase and operations to control quality of services offered. Our machine development team developed a custom service scheme from scratch to meet the client’s needs. Productivity -> Shipping efficiency increase of 800%/Logistics cost 30% decrease

Implementation and operation of robotics for a major contact lens manufacturer:Designed optimal machine support for each logistics process, culminating in the successful implementation of robotic arms and automated packaging systems. This was the first foray into the implementation of robotics by any contact lens manufacturer in Japan.

Types of warehouses

  • TCTransfer Center

    Processed foods (chilled/frozen), fresh foods/convenience store products etc
  • DCDistribution Center

    Apparel (manufacturer and small retail), cosmetics, vegetables, pharmaceuticals, furniture, medical equipment etc
  • DC & TCDistribution and Transfer Center

    Drugstores, home centers and supermarkets
  • Annual shipments

    600 million pieces
  • Goods handled

    600 million pieces

Company data

Company Name
73,500,000 JPY
Tsuji Yugo
Tokyo HQ  Tokyo, Minato-ku, Shinbashi 5-8-11 Shinbashi enter Building 2F
TEL : +81-3-5733-2655
Osaka Main Office Osaka-shi, Osaka, Nishi-ku, Kitahorie 2-3-3 Kyutake Building 2F
TEL: +81-6-6534-8998
stimated 3,000,000,000 JPY (As of November 2015)
Full-time Employees - 65
Logistic offices
20 Offices across Japan
Group Companies
S-PAL (Chilled/Frozen product logistics/eCommerce and mail order)
Arista Solution Inc. (System integrations)
Past clients
3PL Business: 50 companies eCommerce/
Mail order: 200 companies